A metal processing factory of Sanko Manufacturing Co., a predecessor of Omic Corporation, was found in 1950. The organization was renewed as a copper processing company in 1984, then it has been drastically changed since 1988 in its 50 year-history after the company name was changed to Omic Corporation. We repeatedly increased business investment and capital fund, and started new business, then we were qualified by Small and Medium Sized Creative Activity Law and started producing parts and accessories for optical communication equipment and established mass production system.Tokyo office was setted up on 2002 in order to respond with customer's need at more close site. We also reinforce our resouces not only infrastructures. Our specialists will provide high quality of "satisfaction". Currently 4 divisions provide backbone to the company, which are gAtomic energy & space development-related industrial machinery partsh, gMedical devicesh, gSemiconductor laboratory equipment partsh and gOptical communication equipment partsh.It is our proud that our original products have won prizes of "the good design award" continuously in 2006, 2007, and 2008.
In Nov. 2010, our group company, OTORI SANGYO CO., Ltd. joined us as OTORI SANGYO Division, we are responding to customers needs in wide range of fields.

Ceremony of Good Design Award 2007 We won the Special Award
(Good Design Award of Small and Medium Enterprises)

Ceremony of Good Design Award 2007
We won the Special Award