Sophisticated artisan skill

We produce parts used in domestic H2 rocket. The parts are used for detaching steering rocket from main unit during launch. The parts start fire with explosives and split up, then steering rocket is detached from the main unit. These precise parts produced by us are proof of our high technology. Recently our products are applied in solar battery system which is used as power supply in the space station.  Like this, our dream and scene of our activities is expanding. All our technology comes from our staff’s knowledge and know-how accumulated in years, not from expensive processing machines or sophisticated tools. It is difficult to pass the technology down to others in our industry, but our technology is surely passed down to younger staff and widely applied for products in many areas. Moreover, recently the technology has come to be used for producing medical devices. Especially for the medical equipment requiring “moving-part”, we need to give the parts to have subtle motion, at the same time, we are required to pursue conflicting structure with the motion such as strength and lightness. Our know-how on processing gained from experience of manufacturing parts for rocket and nuclear power generation is utilized widely in many ways.

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